Frank's Drilling and Blasting Services

We Specialize in...

  • Providing safe and dependable rock blasting services for:
    • Quarries
    • Road construction
    • Subdivisions (site services)
    • Residential and commercial properties
    • And much more
  • Providing safe and dependable rock drilling services for;
    • Fencing
    • Guardrails
    • Line Drilling
    • Quarries
    • Solar farms
    • Rock anchors
    • And much more
  • Water Wells
    • We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment
    • We are a class 2 well contractor (dug wells)

Equipment we presently own...

  • Nine hydraulic drills
  • Three excavators with hoe rams
  • Float tractor and trailer
  • Fuel trucks
  • Government licensed powder trucks
  • Large supply of blasting mats
  • Mechanic truck for our own in house repair